Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mobile blogging updates

I've just discovered the mobile blogging features of Blogger, and thought I should try them out.

The pergola foundation has been poured successfully and seems to have survived the recent freezing temperatures, which is a good sign. The anchor bolts look good, and we hope to order and get a delivery of lumber for the actual pergola this week.

On another note, for the past week or so I've been working on a project for a small, local business. No matter that it's actually my wife's business (which should hopefully be launching before Thanksgiving), but I've been busy with designing the graphics and developing a "brand" for the business. Working on branding in this particular case is quite interesting since the business is legal based, but not your traditional law firm. The graphics, web design and layout, as well as the content (mostly writing), are therefore critical in defining the business in the appropriate manner. Little questions, such as whether paragraphs should be justified or not, are actually a big deal. More on this project as it unfolds.

All for now. Stay tuned.

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