Sunday, September 25, 2011

Art Glass

stained glass window
Szal Design Art Glass currently encompasses two areas. The first is the design and creation of custom leaded glass panels— windows, skylights, interior partitions, and other types of panels. I started working in leaded glass in high school, and was able to pursue it during college and after. I use only the finest materials when creating my art glass, including a commitment to using only mouth-blown glass. While I have primarily made abstract panels, I am happy to work with my clients to create the perfect art glass panel for their needs.

stained glass lamp
The second area that Szal Design's Art Glass encompasses is that of art glass luminaires. The current series of lamps is named Prana, and comes in 13 inch, 24 inch, and 51 inch heights. The initial concept for this lamp was to create a contemporary art glass lamp that used an entire sheet of mouth-blown glass. This design became the 24 inch lamp. The 13 inch lamps each use half a sheet of glass, and the floor lamp uses two sheets of glass. The lamps feature a square column of mouth-blown glass with an exposed upper lip of glass on a solid wood base. The exposed glass lip is the end result of the making of the sheet of glass, and is quite smooth. Internal cross-bracing maintains structural rigidity of the lamps. The lamps are available in a variety of different glass colors and base woods, and can be seen in great detail on my website and at my Etsy shop.

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