Saturday, September 24, 2011


copper foil covered glass scraps
As the title of this post implies, I've been setting up (another) blog. My old blog on my website is a pain to work with, so hopefully this will be better. It already seems loads better, which is good.

I am a glass artist in the Boston area, specializing in leaded glass. I have recently started categorizing my business into two main areas I call "Art Glass", and "Art Glass Miniatures". Art Glass refers to traditional leaded glass panels, and also a series of leaded glass and wood luminaires (lamps) that I have developed. I can do any sort of custom glass work that you'd like. Art Glass Miniatures is like it sounds—small pieces of art glass. These are ornament to suncatcher sized items, and besides my ability to create custom designs, feature two main products. The first is a series of mouth-blown glass bullseye ornaments, while the second are ornaments made from scraps of glass that I would otherwise be discarding.

I'll go into further detail about all of my art glass works in future posts, but this is all the time I have for now! All of my currently available art glass pieces may be found on my Etsy shop.

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